Make a quiz, involve people.

QuizOperator is a free tool that let's you easely create and share quizzes. You just have to choose the quiz name and fill in the quiz options.

Other people can join your quiz by going to a link or by searching for it. The score is tracked by the app and the winner will be calculated automatically. Perfect to use during your lesson, presentation, speech or at a party.


You choose the questions

If you create a quiz you can easily add questions. You just type in the question, type in the options, and select the correct answer.

Real time scores

Connect a monitor or projector to your iPhone. The questions and scores are automatically shown! This will involve the audience in the quiz.

No more counting

Everyone can play your quiz with his smartphone. You do not have to deal with all the questions on papers and you do not have to count the scores afterwards.

Everyone a personal report

The Quiz maker can see the scores of the players. Every player gets a personal report, in which they can see which questions they had good of wrong.

Easy to customize

You can easely customize your quiz. This will make your quiz look more interesting and the players will be more involved.

Free and unlimited!

QuizOperator is free. Maybe we will add some ads and premium options later, but the app will always be free and there will be NO LIMIT on number of questions or so.


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